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MagicDraw in Brief

MagicDraw is a multi award-winning UML business process, architecture, software and system modeling tool available from NoMagic. It can be used, for example, to design data models, and generate implementation data models like XML Schema. MagicDraw includes support for the OCL rules language.

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Slides on MagicDraw

Tips for building MagicDraw plugins, prepared by Nomos for the NoMagic conference in Dallas, 2013. Download the slides (1.8 Meg).

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OCL Resources

We use OCL in our product. This is some general information on the OCL rules language.

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Posts from Nomos and Others

From Nomos How to add OCL in MagicDraw Debugging MagicDraw plugins in Eclipse Getting benefit from OCL with Nomos (and MagicDraw) (on Jordi Cabot’s Modeling Languages Portal) Generating XML Schemas from MagicDraw – Part I Generating XML Sschemas from MagicDraw – Part II From Xavier Seignard How to develop MagicDraw plugins Debugging in Eclipse

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LinkedIn Groups

MagicDraw UK Modeling User Group (subgroup of MagicDraw)

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Posts on various topics…

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